Shiny Nursery Graduation Gown and Cap

Shiny Nursery Graduation Gown and Cap
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Shiny Nursery Graduation Gown and Cap Shiny Nursery Graduation Gown and Cap

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    Children's Graduation Gown with Cap


    • Children's Graduation Gown
    • Available in 12 Colours
    • Free Cap and Tassel with Year Charm
    • Perfect for Children of Nursery Age
    • High Quality Polyester

    Our Children's Graduation Gowns are perfect for those in the lower years, nurseries and play school. Make it a day to remember with your own 'mini graduation'. Made of high quality polyester (in a range of colours) and designed in the American style (zipped front) these garments have a shiny finish and include a free cap and tassel of matching colour!

    Our gowns are machine washable at 30°C and our caps can be spot cleaned with a damp sponge.

    Gowns are measured in inches from nape to hem.

    3'3" - 3'5" - 24 inches

    3'6" - 3'8" - 27 inches

    3'9" - 3'11" - 30 inches


    Should you require more than we have in stock please contact us as we'll be sure to have them ready for you within 10 working days! Children's traditional open front gowns are also available.


    Interested in something a little more traditional for your school?  Graduation Attire has an excellent track record from working with schools and colleges nationwide. Why not hold a Leaver's Graduation and give both students and their families a day to remember. We would be delighted to hear from you 44(0)1234 880956.

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