Personalised Embroidery

Our embroidery service offers schools and colleges the chance to personalise their garments in order to make their leavers’ graduation ceremonies one of its kind. Our stoles are our most popular item for embroidery, and are available in a wide range of vibrant colours. You can even have the crest or logo of your institution stitched on!


We offer name and year embroidery, school crest embroidery and initials and lettering on all our graduation items except headwear. Please note that embroidery is charged by the stitch count, so please send us the crest of your school/college for a quote.


Unfortunately, crests and logos with very small lettering and meticulous detail cannot be replicated by our embroidery service, although we endeavour to produce a simplified yet accurate portrayal. To accommodate complex crests and logos, we offer a printed version. Although not strictly embroidery, it offers a more inexpensive yet more accurate alternative. Please contact us if you unsure on the suitability of your crest.

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