Nursery Photography Service


From early 2017 Graduation Attire will be offering a Nursery Photography Service. We offer complete Nursery Graduation Photography packages to meet your individual requirements. This new service will be perfect to catch the magical moments created at your Nursery Graduation. You can expect the following benefits:

  1. Excellent value for money.

  2. A choice of 3 different poses of each child.

  3. The photographs are returned to you within 5-7 working days.

  4. Free door to door delivery & collection (saving you time, postage & inconvenience).

  5. An administrative system that makes cheques payable to us saving you bank charges.

  6. A personal support service for any queries.

  7. Over 22 years of experience.

  8. Digital technology, giving perfect poses every time.

  9. 100% patience with every child.


Below is an example of our very competitive prices.


Three different poses are taken of each child, one 19x6, Two 6x4 and four 3x2 prints are produced off each of the three poses.


This gives a total package of three 9x6, six 6x4 and four 3x2 prints are produced off each of the three poses. This gives a total package of three 9x6, six 6x4 and twelve 3x2 prints for the special price of just £40.


Other options available are two 9x6, four 6x4 and eight 3x2 prints for £35

One 9x6, two 6x4 and four 3x2 prints for £25

One 9x6 or two 6x4’s for just £15


Parents choose which package suits them best and all these packages are produced on a sale and return basis and include mounts for the 9x6 & 6x4 prints.


In relation to our Nursery Photography Service we offer other nursery products which includes a free nursery certificate download (found on the homepage) Nursery Graduation Caps and Gowns, a Graduation Teddy Bear and personalised nursery stoles.


Visit our website at to view our full range of early years graduation gowns and accessories.


Call Graduation Attire on 01234 880956 today to receive a quote from our very helpful sales team.


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