Legal Gowns for Mooting


Mooting is the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel and before a judge. It will be the closest experience that a student will experience to appearing in court whilst attending university.

The process of mooting can be mistaken for a mock trial however mooting is slightly different as it assumes that the evidence has already been tested and focuses on practising speech and the ability to argue the question of law, as opposed to mock trials that ‘test the evidence’ and establish the case’s facts before presenting them in a real court of law.




Certain law courses require mooting as compulsory however it is still a totally voluntary student-organised activity in other law schools. If you have mooting experience on your CV then this can have a positive impact on your future career.


Mooting trials are made more realistic when institutes require their participants to wear full legal dress comprising of wigs and gowns.

Graduation Attire specialise in providing full legal regalia for these practice courtroom sessions. They supply top quality gowns, wigs and accessories to the legal profession in courts all over the world.

We specialise in:

  • Barristers Gown, Wig and Band Sets
  • Traditional White Court Tunic Shirt with Collars
  • Barristers Wigs
  • Judges Full Bottom Wigs
  • Barristers Gowns
  • Solicitors Gowns
  • Barristers Bands
  • Ladies Collarettes
  • Ladies Full Bib Collarettes
  • Barristers Wig Stands


Call Graduation Attire today on 01234 880956. There are excellent discounts available on legal wear for institutes.



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