Embroidery and Logo Printing

Embroidery and Logo Printing

Why not make your graduation personal with our custom embroidery service (available on 10 pieces or more). We highly recommend our embroidered graduation stoles: Choose any colour, add your school or college's crest and create a stole that is both unique and specific to your institute.

We offer: School Crest Embroidery, Name and Year Embroidery and Initials and Lettering on all our graduation items except headwear. 

Embroidery is charged by the stitch count, so please send us your crest for a quote. Complicated logos using small lettering and details are not suitable for embroidery but can be simplified. If you are looking for a cheaper option we also offer printed logos, these don't have the higher quality aesthetic of embroidery but the price is considerably cheaper. 

Embroidery takes 4-5 days for an embroidered sample to be produced (if requested), and a further 3-5 days for mass production. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us on 01234 880956.


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