Children’s Graduation Ceremonies


There is a growing trend in the UK for childrens graduation ceremonies.Childrens graduation ceremonies originated in the US and have been around for a long time.

However questions have been raised by various sources regarding the validity of this type of ceremony. Some regard it as a waste of time and that kids should be left to be kids and not imitate adults as they experience this later in life.Others say it plays an important part in a child's transition from nursery to full-time school.

 This type of ceremony enables parents and families to enjoy watching their child graduate and to shed a tear as they go through the graduation process. Some children may not go on to graduate at the end of their educational journey, this experience gives a parent an insight on how much of a proud moment the full graduation day provides.


Some nurseries will create their own graduation outfits while others will order made to measure graduation caps and gowns from reputable stockists. Tens of thousands of outfits, the same ones worn by university students, are being sold every year in Europe, the Middle East and Far East. The retail price is approximately £25 and are available in a wide range of colours.In the US, pre-school graduations are an established, growing industry. One of the leading suppliers in the UK and Europe are Graduation Attire who are stockists of children's traditional and American caps and gowns.



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